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Brynn's Olive Cheese Balls

Brynn’s Olive Cheese Balls I’m pretty sure these treats were created in the 1950’s. I have no data to support that, it’s just it feels like the sort of thing you’d have in the fifties. I can imagine a plate of these sitting next to a wiggling Jell-O mold, and Ritz crackers sprayed with cheese product. Don’t be mislead, though. These balls are delicious. They’re crispy, salty, cheesy, with that bite of the olive. Plus, you’ll have a great time rolling these balls around your palm. THE RECIPE 2 cups shredded cheddar cheese (basically a bag if you buy the pre-shredded stuff) 1 cup all purpose flour 1/8-teaspoon onion powder 1/8-teaspoon garlic powder ½ cup melted butter A bunch of green olives with pimento Mix everything together (except the olives). It’ll form a kind of clumpy dough. Take about a tablespoon of the dough, flatten it in your hand and then place a shiny green olive at its center. Then you pinch the dough around the olive.

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